On another side of the mediterranean sea, the poorly named dry island of Hydra.


Sometimes I feel that Syria needs to be repositionned in the middle of the news, from another perspective. That was in Tadmor, 1994. The ancient kingdom of the Queen Zenobia. Date dealers.

A nice barbershop near bab Touma -
one of the seven doors of Damas.

Was that trictrac or backgammon? Everybody seems to be gripped by the game anyway.


On the way to the primitive. Back home.
A new graphic novel to be published in 2014
A hill of my hometown. Announcement in the manner of Hiroshige. Travel-size fake woodblock print.
On the river shore of Nagasaki. Who could guess what happened here 70 years ago?


Little pile of snow in the foreground. It was cold in the shade. Un tas de neige à l'avant-plan. Froid à l'ombre, tiède au soleil.


Masters of tiles / Maîtres de la tuile

Some black and white fresh sketches from Japan. I will add
some color illustrations soon / Quelques croquis du Japon, bientôt rehaussés de couleur.

Kyoto Imperial Garden. Kanninomiya Residence.

I got a sunburn while sketching this pretty temple.

Speed and comfort, slightly swinging: perfect conditions
for a short sleep

A comic strip inspired by a TV serial of my childhood. Who find the original title will get a free book.


Another palm tree forest... poster for exhibition.


Nouveau voyage en Inde par l'intermédiaire d'un crayon. Projet de livre sur les peuples premiers du sous-continent. Back in India, by pencil. Project of a book about the native people's issue.