I got the confirmation for my participation to the 8th "biennale du carnet de voyage" in Clermont-Ferrand (France).
There'll be 6 m2 to hang works and show sketchbooks fac-simile.
This drawing above was one my first travelsketch: "Heraklion", a greek Ferry, who finally drove me in Auvergne, almost 15 years after we left the harbour!!


This watercolor is a "cover" of one of my brother chris pictures. He shot some pics which deserve to be published in a national geographic issue. For more asian sights, check the link I've added on the right (http://topsolete.smugmug.com).


Himalayan pine trees, prayer's flags, momos and clear soups, temple built around trees. While some place's in the world are corners for conflicts, how not to be touched by such piece of peaceful elsewhere?

An evening prayer in the mac leod ganj temple. Wherever you are in the village you can hear the mantra's chants, like a strange resounding buzzing.