On the shelf of every good bookshops, in april 2011. More news next year.

Last strip of the book, on page 78, last page of the book.


Village's sight from the windmills,
(which have been restored with the help
of Charles Pictet and Europsails)

On the way to Patmos, after two ice coffees and some mythos,
there's nothing left to do, except sleep.


Ny Hellisund, an out-of-time hamlet. It seems they've recently been connected to electric power

Grimstad, small norvegian town.
We slept on the boat, under the noisy medleys of a local rock band playing live in the restaurant next to the Gjesthus

Welcome on board, to a short trip in Sweden and Norway. Captain Marc and his wife Sylvie sailed "Chamade", Benoît helped to work the sails and I staid discreet as much as possible, concentrating myself on observation. We've casted the anchor some miles after Göteborg; the scenery incited us to pull our watercolor box out... See the web link on the right.



Exhibition for the SISMICS festival in Sierre.
"La Grande Alice" and three other short stories of C.F. Ramuz have been adapted into a graphic novel which will be published in 2011. Installation in the municipal cellar.


Omnibus pour l'Himachal, croquis du nord de l'Inde.
Exposition du 8 mars au 1er mai

Club 44
Rue de la Serre 64
2300 La-Chaux-de-Fonds

Ouverture les soirs de conférence ou sur demande
durant les heures de bureau
032 913 45 44


Kinda asian Starbucks...

Part of the HK harbour

A stinky lane full of dried-fish shops