Okay, this was made last year, but I guess for christmas, a church is the right subject to show. And anyway I wish you all a good one

That's the reason why I didn't add any new stuff for so long here. Thanks for your understanding. Anyway if you are in Bern between the 23 and 30th of january, just have a look on the exhibit.


Today's financial crisis remind me this of 1992. As jobless, I had to work with some other unfortunate fellows on a building site. It was a great fun, quite exhausting. There's no silly job. This one was a real one, if you compare with which is made by all those fucking clowns of wall street.


Quite a magic place, to eat, drink, discuss and spend hours. There you'll feel Wallis exactly how it always should be: traditionally rooted, open to the other, culturally mixed, close to real values. It would be nothing without the owner, Sacha and Hannelore, whom are making it unique. Adress is on the link list.


Mom read "le Monde Diplomatique", Dad "die Neue Zürcher Zeitung" and for the lil'girl, there is "Life Star". These readings tell a lot about this little family, skirted in the Geneva-Sierre train, an evening of april.


"Then one day I could tell my tracks
by the holes in the soles of my shoes
And that’s the day I said
I’m gonna make the news
and falling back in the garden of days so long ago"
Joe Strummer


Me if I was a Turk. Self-portrait I did 14 years ago. I exhume all those old stuff, notes and sketches, motivated as never to make a book of this long travel which lead me in Syria in 1994.

Special edition: here comes the unique image I didn't draw myself. Wazem made it last thursday, in the beginning of a ride trough geneva's nightlife. Final result was a hudge headache. Friday morning, mine looks like the background of the illustration. Waterfalls and rocks noise rumbling in my head. It was a great pleasure to meet pierre again, after almost 10 years.


the show was really scratchy, but as this krush only showed his cap, I kept reather this after-instant. An unknow girl, Mass of Samaël on stage, and balthazar (lil'mofo) cleaning the place with a shovel and a bad mood


J'ai toujours été charmé par les pins, toutes espèces confondues. Ce pin noir d'autriche, dans une cour à l'arrière de la Schüsspromenade, en plein centre de Bienne, est particulièrement majestueux. J'écris ces deux derniers messages dans les languages régionaux, exceptionnellement, en hommage au bilinguisme de cette ville étonnante.

Heute Morgen musste ich in die Schule gehen. Trotzdem habe ich Biel erreicht, hatte absolut kein Lust für lernen in eine Klassraum. Ich dachte an Robert Walser, es war ein Tag für bummeln... und zeichnen.


Sir Edmund Hillary with his faithful sherpa and friend Tensing at camp in Thyangboche, Nepal. Those two fellows were the very first men to reach the top of Everest, in 1953. Hillary died at the age of 89, last january. Called "The Quintessential Kiwi" (as new-zealander), he was humble,honnest and hard-worker. A great man.

We were between Chennai and Salem. Everybody was reading and we missed our stop. funny, "riders in the train" sounds like "riders on the storm" of jim morrisson, but it was actually a burning day without an ounce of wind.


Lunch in Aurelec: cheap and healthy food ad libitum, surrounded with a so varied homo fauna, under the soothing shade of this secular jackfruit tree. I've spent unique moments there. If you want to know more about the place and about India generally, please check what my precious friend seena write on her motherland: hummingleaves.blogspot.com
Richer than any travel guide. Link is on the right column.

welcome back everybody!
some brand new stuff from my recent visit of india (or should I rather say of auroville, as this "town" doesn't really belong to gandhi's country). Greenery and cool air, good vibes and amazing architectures.
Official website of auroville is added on the "links" column.