Scène d'un rêve fait au cours d'une nuit d'il y a une dizaine d'années.


Let's close the North-West passage chapter with the map of the route we did. And let's move on to something else...


The Thule, or proto-Inuit, were the ancestors of all modern Inuit. Set up in Arctic coasts since 1000 years.

Peuple de Thulé, ancêtre des Inuits, dont les premières traces remontent à l'an 1000.

Some drawings of our summer trip through the Nort-West Passage, sea route through the arctic ocean, first navigated by Amundsen in 1904. A book of it will be published in Editions Slatkine next spring

Aquarelles extraites du carnet de route du Passage du Nord-Ouest, traversé cet été en voilier. Un livre relatant cette expédition sera publié chez Slatkine au printemps 2012

Gjoa Haven, second "big" city (1200 inhabitants) we've reached after Resolute Bay. ᐅᖅᓱᖅᑑᖅ, or Uqsuqtuuq in Inuktitut, meaning "lots of fat". Obviously many people here are fat, but the names rather refers to the abundance of seals, from which Inuit people use to extracts fat.

Gjoa Haven, "grande" ville (1200 habitants) du Nunavut. ᐅᖅᓱᖅᑑᖅ, ou Uqsuqtuuq en Inuktitut, ce qui signifie "beaucoup de graisse", en raison de l'abondance de phoques (dont l'Inuit tire la graisse) dans les parages. Nous y croisons par ailleurs un certains nombre de gens obèses.

Unnamed isthmus in the Peel sound. (no relation but "Peel sound" reminds me John Peel, the historic BBC deejay – r.i.p. - see the link on the right).

Vue d'un morceau d'isthme sans nom dans le détroit de Peel. (Peel était-il un ancêtre de John, mythique dj de la BBC dont nous avons tous, gens de ma génération et amateurs de rock and roll, écouté les sessions? - voir le lien en annexe).


First sign of human life seen since five days. The Henri Larsen Coastguard, Lancaster sound, Nunavut.

Sight from the top of the sawn hill (the airfield). Greenland should be called Brownland.


Laurence taking a nap.

This lost greenland's village (Tassissuaq) smelled death, but diggin' a bit, I found it its own charm.


Jean Gabin rocks the Casbah.

Who the hell designed those seats so uncomfortable?

Woodblockprint for a german book collector.


En rayon dans les librairies francophones. Consultez le site des Impressions Nouvelles pour plus d'Information (colonne de droite).


Spring is in the air and primal colors are back.


Making money with rubbish. That's how the world turns.
Kings street - St.Peter


Even more elegant than the laundry is the victorian
electric substation made of bricks on the left side.
Sydney, Glebe - feb.2011


Not far from the greek orthodox parish of st. Constantine and Helen.


Baddish couple at the badde manor's cafe terrace.
One of the oldest café in Glebe. Established in 1982.
Sydney - feb.2011


Sydney, Glebe - feb. 2011


From "Breezy", a small coffee shop, I can see this batallion of dustbin.
Sydney, Glebe - feb. 2011


Where is the genuine pure blonde on this image?
Well, that's the small green.
An australian beer brand.

Newtown, feb 2011


I'm currently living in Calvingrad. Though it's usually a boring city, one can occasionally see some dramatic sky.
(I think I'll begin a serial about it. Thank you Kaire for the inspiration).