A sight on the Tschigeren's roofs. Oswald Ruppen, Edouard Vallet or Edmond Bille fixed it long before me.


Late autumn landscape, it is yet white everywhere. I'll begin a serie soon, mountains attract me like a magnet.


This is the first part of a triptych which was actually made for a contest of IdN, famous graphic design magazine from Hong-Kong. Though no award was given, I've put lot of energy and pleasure in this task.


Congratulations! My cousin and his wife got a baby. I've searched inspiration in origami to prepare them that announcement (as they recently came back from a japan trip with glittering eyes). Though job which makes me sweat like anything!!!


It is so rare to make an illustration and be paid for it! This one is about e-learning, one of a serie of drawings I did for a newsletter published by HES (swiss specialized high schools).


It's tough to sum up this last week-end in clermont-ferrand. Many new contacts and good ideas have been shared and I hope it will give birth to concrete stuff. Despite the french strike of railway network I've reached the place and came back home by sharing-car, without any trouble. It was really nice. I hope to be there next year.


Im happy to introduce (after a long work) the Beret Noir / Songkor nasional project. For further informations, try the link beside, or type the adress below: http://beretnoir.blogspot.com


it seems irksome today to watch an old black and white movie, should some times to be trapped. This "Scandal" of Kurosawa was just excellent. I wont tell it there, check it on the link added beside.


I got the confirmation for my participation to the 8th "biennale du carnet de voyage" in Clermont-Ferrand (France).
There'll be 6 m2 to hang works and show sketchbooks fac-simile.
This drawing above was one my first travelsketch: "Heraklion", a greek Ferry, who finally drove me in Auvergne, almost 15 years after we left the harbour!!


This watercolor is a "cover" of one of my brother chris pictures. He shot some pics which deserve to be published in a national geographic issue. For more asian sights, check the link I've added on the right (http://topsolete.smugmug.com).


Himalayan pine trees, prayer's flags, momos and clear soups, temple built around trees. While some place's in the world are corners for conflicts, how not to be touched by such piece of peaceful elsewhere?

An evening prayer in the mac leod ganj temple. Wherever you are in the village you can hear the mantra's chants, like a strange resounding buzzing.


When you'll reach Chonor's house, some sleeping dogs will welcome you. It has been very difficult to leave this place which became like a home. Kindness of people, beauty of decors. This painting I reproduced above particularly moved me. The surreal atmosphere reminds me a Giorgio de Chirico's piece. The guesthouse belongs to the norbulingka institute: just check the link for further informations.

MacLeod Ganj


Sorry sorry it has been a long time without new thing here, but... This is a glimpse of Ooty, a charming Hill station in Tamil Nadu. Soon some new indian illustrations will be added. For now I'm in Mumbay, but no scanner is available.



Lets go the big country today. Land of extremes, land of bipolarity... This house is situated in the Hamptons (Staten Island - NY)?


A sunday 5 o'clock panorama. Just behind that mountain, Iggy & the Stooges gave a great gig on thursday.


Walking on the BLS sud rampe I draw that sight last sunday; well-named day, weather was sooo nice (notice im back in helvetia).


one more keralite atmosphere just before leaving to chennai and go back to my egoistic motherland.


It was hot, but still I found courage to draw. Sometimes on the background an electric car carrying tourists disturbed the sight.